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2006:04:31 - The end of the world starts.


You know email or should I say peoples mis-use of email is a pet peeve of mine. Now I am not talking about SPAM. We all know SPAM is bad, right. What I am talking about is email from friends who mistake the forward button for the delete button. I don't know how much time I have wasted reading and deleting all of these stupid things, the majority of which are fake or just plain retarded. There is no such thing as a give away from microsoft for forwarding an email to all of your friends. If you have done this you can be assured that all you have done is make some pimple faced computer geek laugh because you were to stupid to use common sense. If microsoft will spend millions of dollars in leagle fees to protect their profits by fighting the US government, do you think that they would pay you some of those profits for doing something that they could do themselves with five dollar an hour teenagers?
Let's get a couple of things straight. Before you forward an amazing story, check these links to see if your leg is being pulled.

email continued...

Now that we have addressed that point and after checking you have decided you still think your message is necessary for the world to continue here are a tip to follow that will keep those of us who use email for something other than entertainment...Uh, let's say work. Anyway, when addressing emails there are three (3) count the m three options. They are "TO:" meaning the person you are directing the email to usually to elicite a response. Then there is "CC:" which stands for Carbon Copy, this is used for just keeping someone in the loop. Lastly we have "BCC:" which stands for Blind Carbon Copy which is used for sending several people the same email without disclosing to any of the receipents the identity of three other receipents. THIS IS THE ONE MOST OF YOU SHOULD BE USING. If you are saying that your email doesn't have this option, I tell you sure it does, sometimes it is hidden, but it IS there. Think of it like this. I know people you don't know and you know people I don't know. How would you like it if I gave your email to someone that you didn't know and then you got email from them? Multiply that by the fact that if they forward the email to all of their friends and on and on. Pretty soon hundreds even thousands of people you don't know have your email address. Likely one of them have spyware on their computer and now another spammer has your address and it gets sold to other spammers. boom now you get more spam. It is kind of like that thing they say that if you sleep with someone it is like you have slept with everyone they have slept with and then everyone that "they" have slept with etc. etc. etc.